A typical day for Lily

Posted by Kristin on May 3, 2017

About a month ago the poor little poppet suffered a horrible vomiting and diarrhea bug which lasted a full week.  She literally didn’t eat a bite and as a result lost weight.  It broke my heart to see her so thin but since she has regained her appetite she literally cannot be satisfied with food and is turning into my little chubby baba again.  Much to my delight I took it as an opportunity to get as much good food into her as I could.  Plenty of veg, fruit and anything else she desired.


Typically at the moment a daily meal plan for lily looks like this:

7.00am            -           Breakfast – usually consists of organic porridge oats or Happy Halo Bites both with                                               Coconut Milk.

7.30am            -           Bottle of milk

9.45/ 10.00am -           Morning snack:

                        -           Wafer Wisps with Hummus on top OR Breadsticks and Hummus

                        -           handful of blueberries sliced in half                     

10.30 am         -           small bottle of milk before morning nap                      

12.30               -           Lunch – some days she has a cooked lunch and other days its small sandwiches etc but                                       may look like this

                        -           tuna sandwiches cut into squares

                        -           small handful of Halo Bites

                        -           some crispy veggie waffles

                        -           2/3 strawberries sliced in small pieces 

3.00pm            -           afternoon snack usually consisting of:

                        -           1 banana OR

                        -           1 coconut yoghurt (Coconut Collaborative are amazing) sometimes topped with Halo                                             Bites 

5.30pm            -           Dinner

                                    Lily LOVES Fish so I try and get it into her diet as often as I can:

-          Oven Baked Salmon

-          Roast potatoes

-          Broccoli

7pm on wards is bedtime routine for Lily and sometimes she will take a little snack of Toast or something small then its Evening Bottle of milk and bed.


Not every day is the same and some days she eats more than others but I always try to ensure that there is something healthy and tasty for her to snack on if she doesn’t feel like eating a full meal.  That’s where our Heavenly snacks are a lifesaver.  I know she is still getting goodness in her diet with the snacks.  She always has a little bottle or cup of water on the go during the day that she can have a drink anytime she likes.


Anyway that’s our blog for the week – gotta rush off now to get lunch ready for the little lady when she wakes from her nap!


Have a lovely day!