What Lily Ate - Part 2

Posted by Kristin on August 17, 2016


It’s week two of my little Lilypop’s weaning adventure, where she’s been trying some real, solid foods. We’ve continued to stick with one fruit or veggie purees as she slowly but surely gets used to trying these new flavours.

We’ve tried a different range of tasting purees this week, using my fabulous little Nutribullet Baby, which I must say has been super convenient and creates minimal mess (I’ll do a full review for this in the near future!) Click here to see the Nutribullet Baby website.


baby nutribullet.png


I think the recipe that topped Lily’s list this week was my steamed carrot puree. This recipe can be interchanged with other orange veggies including sweet potatoes or butternut squash:


Carrot Puree Recipe.jpg



Let me know what your little one thinks of this recipe should you try it!



lily carrot puree.jpg



Although Lily has been spitting out a fair amount of her food, we can tell she has been enjoying most of the different tastes we have served up (except pear, she definitely wasn’t fussed on my pear puree!). On a few occasions we’ve popped a little bit of puree on her dummy to gauge her reaction, and she’s loved it, so we’ve reached the conclusion that she simply doesn’t like the little spoon going into her mouth. 

I’ve put together a list of tips to try if you are experiencing a similar issue with your little one:

  • Don’t overload the spoon with food
  • Wait for your baby to open her mouth before you offer her food off the spoon
  • Be careful when using the spoon to wipe up any food that she spits out
  • Let your baby touch the food in her bowl as you spoon feed her
  • Let your baby hold her own spoon as you spoon feed her
  • Let her feed herself very soft finger foods, such as cooked broccoli or cauliflower florets (this can get very messy, but embrace it, she’ll enjoy the feeling of the food between her little fingers)
  • Make meal times relaxed and unhurried


It came to me recently soon after I discovered an excellent range of oral hygiene products for babies when I was looking for a new toothbrush for Elsa, that introducing an oral hygiene routine may help Lily get used to different objects such as the spoon, going into her little mouth.

‘Brush-Baby’ have an array of goodies available for weaning babies, including a teething wipe, which fits over your finger to clean gums and a chewable toothbrush, which helps soothe teething gums and remove any milk and food deposits on upper and lower gums and teeth at the same time. I ordered both of these products and can't wait until they arrive and we can get started with them!

To see the full range of Baby Brush products, click here.


brush baby collage.jpg


I’ll do a little review of these products and post it on the blog when they arrive and we have a go with them!

Even though no teeth have erupted through Lily’s little gums just yet, we can tell she is teething because of her constant dribbling (honestly, she is like a tap) and she's always chewing on her hands and feet, so I think starting a daily dental care routine with the little wipes should not only get her used to the idea of taking different objects such as the spoon, into her mouth but will also get her used to having her teeth (and gums!) cleaned from an early age, hopefully making our lives a little easier down the track!


Have you had any any experience using the Baby Brush's or can you share any more tips you have found useful in getting your little one used to the spoon, and a daily dental routine.


Shauna. x.