What Lily Ate - Part 1

Posted by Kristin on August 9, 2016


So our baby girl Lily has just turned 21 weeks and she’s been showing a number of signs that she is ready to eat more than just her usual milk feeds.

There’s stacks of advice out there on when to start weaning your little one, not just in books, magazines and online, but also from well-meaning family members and friends, so to say it can be a little overwhelming is an understatement. There is no right or wrong time to start weaning, as long as your baby is older than 17 weeks. At this stage, their little digestive and urinary systems will be well enough developed to begin processing food. 

The one little nugget of wisdom I want to share, is to simply go with your instinct. You know your baby best of all and you’ll pick up on any signs that they are ready. Lily began to wake up a little earlier in the mornings and she was reaching out for my dinner plate when I was eating (she is normally sitting on my knee as I eat). Everything she could get those tiny hands on was going straight to her mouth for a chew, which is partially down to her teething, but was also another sign of her being ready for solids.

Lily is also getting much stronger. She can hold her head up all by herself and in another few weeks, she should be able to sit up on her own. She is still a little too small for her highchair, so we’ve just been popping her into her reclining bouncer chair and feed her in it.  This works well and I can sit down beside her and coax her along as she learning in these very early days. It also means I am at eye levels whenever I am making lots of funny faces and sounds to encourage her, which she loves!

Right now, starting Lily on solids is more about Lily learning to suck food off a spoon, moving it from the front to the back of her mouth and learning to like new, savoury tastes and textures, compared to the sweet taste of her milk. It’s much less about nutrition as her milk will still be her main source of nutrition until she is about one. Eating solid food will complement the nutrition from milk. 

Babies have over four times more taste buds than adults so they are super sensitive to strong flavours. Lily probably spat out just as much food as she took in during her first try of apple puree but this doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it. Any flavour other than breast or formula milk will be a big change when you begin to wean, so don’t be surprised if they screw their face up. I would say the lesson to be learnt here is, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

Despite having a couple of rough days with a headcold and a dose of the sniffles, I think Lily and her weaning journey are just going to keep getting better and better.

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I officially cannot wait to start using this fabulous little piece of kit! Will let you know how we get on in the next blog!

Good Luck Mummies,

Shauna X