Valentines Day Treat Time!

Posted by Kristin on February 8, 2017




Can you believe it is almost Valentines Day??  If like me you are constantly busy and life is just hectic then you will agree that big dates like this just seem to pop up on you from nowhere!  Love it or Hate it we get bombarded with retailers urging you to buy everything that can be remotely considered as a gift on Valentines Day.  Whilst some people get really carried away with it all (and you have to admit that at sometimes its really nice to embrace Valentines day and everything that goes with it! Lol), on the other hand, when you have children and work and life is just so hectic for you and your partner, it’s the simple little things that really mean a lot more on Valentines day.  It’s not the big expensive gifts, or public displays of affection that matter.  Its more the breakfast cuppa in bed, the simple little gestures, or dinner being made for you which really mean more than any expensive gifts.  It’s taking time out to remember what it’s like to be a couple and not just parents, even if that means stealing 10 minutes to talk to each other amongst the madness of a busy house.  It’s about not forgetting why you are together in the first place!

Anyway – enough of the luvvy duvvy stuff!  Today we are focusing on some lovely healthy treats which can be easily made to impress your loved one AND your little ones on Valentines Day!  And of course since its all about Valentines Day we are sharing the love with some heart themed treats!


Fruit on a stick: Cookie cutters can be used to make all sizes and shapes, and when it comes to kids foods, everything is more fun when you put it on a stick.  Plus these are perfect for little hands to hold.



Artistic apples: Carve a little picture into the skin of an apple and douse with a little lemon juice to keep from browning.



Yogurt parfait: Mix up some yummy berries, and layer with granola and plain yogurt for a yummy treat.  Check this out from the wonderful Just Live a Little….. their kids strawberry granola is soooooo yum!  These are so easy to make up and are a perfect start to the day.



Dark chocolate-dipped strawberries: Decadent yet good for you, dark chocolate has less sugar and is known for its health benefits in small quantities, like in a thin coating on a sweet, ripe strawberry.


Otherwise, my personal favourite is fresh strawberries and a pot of melted dark chocolate fondue – perfect for sharing and one of the best desserts ever!


Fruit smoothies: Throw whole fruit, yogurt, a little orange juice and some ice in the blender and puree. Serve out of decorated bottles to make it fancy.


Heart shaped waffles or pancakes: These can be easily made either with a waffle maker or a simple heart mould for the pancakes.  You can make any recipe you want and there is tons of ideas online for healthier versions.  I know these would be an absolute fav for breakfast in our house!



 We would love to hear your ideas for healthy Valentines treats!  Why not send us in some of your pics!






p.s. All of these beautiful images are courtesy of Pinterest! ;-)