Preparing to Wean

Posted by Kristin on January 12, 2016


As a team, we collectively have been through the weaning process 5 times and we can honestly say no two child are the same and every weaning experience is different.  Weaning is one of those things that can be trying, stressful and worrying but it can also be extremely rewarding, fun and all round hilarious (as the spaghetti bolognaises hits the roof!)

We have put together a few tips to help prepare you for the wonderful world of weaning!

1.      Prepare

You will probably see the tell-tale signs that your little one is ready for a little bit more than just their usual milk.  At this point we would advise purchasing all the essentials such as a high chair, bibs (plenty of these!!), spoons and bowls and drinking cups.  We have put together some of our top products which we have tried and tested and would recommend.  (see our next blog for more details)

2.      RELAX!

You will probably be given a hundred different opinions on when to wean, what to feed your little one and how much or little to feed them.  This in itself can be stress and our advice would be to relax and go with your instinct, it won’t be long until you can tell when your little one is hungry and when they are full up so just try and relax and take things slowly, listening to your child as you go along.

3.      Don’t rush it

We all agree this is one of the best pieces of advice we were each given… don’t rush the process.  Although you may imagine it will be like you see in the movies, and your child be weaned overnight, unfortunately this will probably not be the case and it can take time and patience.  We would advise you to embrace this short period in your baby’s development and go at their pace and don’t rush them.  Rushing them can prove to be extremely stressful for you and them and doesn’t benefit mummy or daddy and most importantly baby!

4.      Texture & Favour

When starting to wean, different textures and flavours are a good idea but should be introduced slowly.  Baby rice is great to start with, and mixing it with your baby’s own milk can provide a familiar flavour and encourage them to eat it (this is definitely not a given as all babies are different but 4 out of our 5 babies enjoyed it).  As your baby starts to get used to the new texture and flavour it can then be time to add in some pureed fruits or vegetables to the baby rice to start getting them used to different flavours.

5.      Embrace the mess and enjoy!

Potato in hair, banana in ears and beans on the walls has been experience by each of us at Heavenly but it’s nothing to worry about!  (Should this occur please be reassured you are totally normal, even if the mother next door tells you her child never did this!)  It takes time for babies to adjust to new things and they are learning so letting them touch and feel different textures and foods is encouraged.  The messy stage may be frustrating but babies soon learn, and a few extra baths and a little extra housework never did anyone any harm! 

Good luck with your weaning journey we hope our top tips will be of some use along the way!