NutriBullet Baby Review

Posted by Kristin on September 13, 2016


Oh waow! What a crazy few weeks it’s been at the Heavenly Household! The summer holidays are but a distant memory and we’re getting back into the swing of the school routine, proper bedtimes and early morning school wake up calls! Joe has just embarked upon his first year at secondary school, Cara is in in her last year at primary and Elsa has just joined nursery! And all the while my little Lily Pops is full swing in the midst of her weaning adventure.

In between the daily grind, the frenzied school uniform, shoes and supplies shopping, the new school runs and of course work, I have been batch cooking and pureeing little meals regularly for Lily. Throughout, my NutriBullet Baby food processor has been an absolute lifesaver!


I purchased the NutriBullet Baby after using the regular NutriBullet to make a bunch of smoothies, soup, sauces, salsas and even hummus for the whole family with great success before Lily was born. It’s so convenient, compact, easy to use and quick to clean I thought there is just no way we could go wrong with the baby version. And so far it has lived up to my high expectations!

I ordered the Nutribullet Baby online, directly from the NutriFamily website here and was delighted to save £10.00 off the usual RRP (£59.99). Standard delivery is free but you can pay extra for next day delivery. I live in quite a rural area, but delivery was efficient and I received my package within the 3-5 working days promised timeframe. 


What’s included in the box:

200W power base, 1 cross blade, 1 flat milling blade, 1 batch bowl, 2 short cups with lids, 1 spatula, 2 freezer trays with lids, 6 twistable date dial storage cups, 1 storage tray and a handy little recipe book.

14339243_10154093390152979_2064735453_o (1).jpg


I absolutely loved that the NutriBullet Baby came with 2 interchangeable blades. A cross blade for blending/pureeing and a flat milling blade for grinding grains such as oats and rice into fine cereals.



The large batch bowl is excellent for batch cooking and stocking up on little purees to freeze for use when time is tight. I did find one little shortfall with the shape of the batch bowl. Having the wide brim at the top of the bowl meant that quite often you do have to stop blending and scrape down the sides of the bowl to ensure an even consistency of the puree in the bowl.  You can of course use the short cups to puree food directly if/when you have just made a family dinner and want to puree some components of this up for your bub there and then. You can feed your baby directly from these portion-sized pots without having to dirty another dish (and believe me, every dish counts when you have a troop of four kids to feed and water!)

14285369_10154093456422979_1241675193_o (1).jpg


The little storage cups are a good size for portioning after any batch pureeing to avoid wastage. They also come with twistable date counter which is super handy and means that you can have your own ‘made on’ date, avoiding the use of stickers that can fade in the freezer, are difficult to remove and can often leave that horrible sticky residue on your little containers. They also have very cute little smiley faces on them, which always interests Lily (and Elsa too!)



The freezer trays pop out and fit perfectly into the little smiley pots, which allow us to carry baby foods when we’re out and about without fear of spillage. And they have lids, which is convenient and safe for popping straight into the freezer.

The storage cups, freezer pots and spatula are all BPA free, which is fantastic and means you don’t have to be concerned with any chemicals leaching into your baby’s food.

The NutriBullet Baby does exactly what it promises, which is to puree fresh ingredients to your desired consistency, depending on the stage of your baby. It can blend the contents to a really smooth and silky liquidised puree for stage one weaning recipes or thicker, lumpier and chunkier textures for older babies and toddlers.

In conclusion, I think the NutriBullet baby is a must have gadget for all weaning mummies! Yes, it is exclusively for making baby food. You can’t really use it for other food preparation so some might think that it’s a bit of a gimmick, but I have to disagree. It’s so safe, fun and easy to use that the other kids in the family can help mum and dad with food preparation. And the best bit - it includes everything you need for pureeing up a storm, from the handy little storage containers that are the perfect portion size, which can be difficult to find to the freezer trays with lids and the spatula. NutriBullet Baby has it covered. It couldn’t be any easier to clean and of course, it looks super cute!

I’d love to know your thoughts on the NutriBullet Baby. Did you experience the same success we have? Do you think it is worth the price tag? What are your favourite NutriBullet Baby recipes?

Shauna. X


P.S. I was not asked by NutriBullet to review this product – I just think it is a fab little gadget for any weaning mummy.