Lily is almost 365 days old already!

Posted by Kristin on March 8, 2017

My baby is One!!


I cannot believe I am sitting writing a blog post about preparing for Lily’s first birthday already!! In less than a week my baby is going to be one!!….(sniff sniff)  1 year old!  A whole 365 days old.  Where on earth has that come from?!  The past year has literally disappeared in the blur of family life and work.  Those early days, weeks and months have been tough at times as I’m sure you have all experienced with little ones.  I’ve watched my little Lily blossom every single day, yet somehow I feel like I’ve missed out on something and that she has suddenly sprouted into this little person, full of attitude, who is now trying so hard to walk along the furniture and is crawling at lightning speed across the kitchen floor.  She is amazing!  And I love her to bits….


She has the feistiest little personality and most certainly rules the house.  She lovvvves her food – all those early days of weaning where she wouldn’t eat due to sore gums seem to have disappeared into the horizon.  Now she just loves her food and even more so if she can feed herself independently.  One thing she hasn’t eaten yet though is cake, and she hasn’t tasted chocolate yet either come to think of it!  Can you have a birthday without chocolate????   I will try and hold that one off for a little while longer I think…..she just doesn’t need it.


We bake cakes a lot in our house……just randomly sometimes for no good reason – but Lily has never been keen on them.  I’m not sure if it is the taste or just the texture that she isn’t keen on.  Either way, she just cannot have a first birthday without a cake!


I must say I’ve never been into making a huge deal of first birthdays and I’ve been there 3 times before.  They are so young and don’t fully understand what is going on but I never let it pass without celebration.  Normally we will have some homemade cake, tea and other little treats.


I’ve been thinking a little about what kind of cake to make Lily and I think I will make another Halo Bite cake.  I have always made the kids’ birthday cakes and I don’t think I will stop now.  They love their cakes being homemade as they get to decorate them themselves and its just something we all do together.  Plus I just love that something I made is enjoyed so much by everyone.


lily 112344.jpg

Elsa’s First birthday cake

lily 1123445.jpg

Amazing Halo Bite Cake!


I made a Halo Bite cake for Elsa’s 2nd birthday and it went down a real treat.  If Lily doesn’t like the sponge she will certainly have a munch on the little Halo Bites!  It’s just a simple sponge recipe with buttercream icing and since lily is dairy free at the moment, I will be using a dairy free spread for the cake mix and for the buttercream icing – available from most supermarkets.


Other little treats I will probably make are gluten free raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes for some of my family who are celiac……

 lily 11234.jpg

Little Crispy Veggie Waffle faces….

     lily 1123.jpg


And of course – now Lily is one she can start to nibble on our amazing Mini Italian breadsticks!!  These will go down a treat with some homemade houmous!

lily 112.jpg

I will have to set aside some time on Sunday to prepare all this but I can’t wait…….well part of me can as my little baby is growing up so fast.  Do you ever want time to slow down a little???  Do you ever feel like your little one is growing at a rate you can’t keep up with?  I guess that’s just life and everything that goes on in a family home on a daily basis.  Life is just so busy that sometimes we just need to take time out to look around and watch our little ones grow up……


I really can’t believe I’m saying this….(as my eyes well up)


Happy Birthday my little Lilypops……..


…..somehow those words just don’t sum up everything I want to say to you, but as they’re the traditional words we all use, they will have to do for now…….Biggest Squeeziest hugs….