Posted by Kristin on March 2, 2016

Tomorrow I am due my fourth baby, it’s hard to believe that our little family will soon be a family of 6!  As you can imagine the last few weeks have been hectic, as any mummy-to-be will understand, my days have been filled with last minute messages, packing and unpacking of my hospital bag, batch cooking, pondering about the new arrival and the changes it will bring to our little family and finishing up at work…or at least trying to switch off a little.  As a working mummy and company owner/founder, switching off is easier said than done but I know my team will keep things going and I can always check my emails from the labour ward…right?!?

Over the last year our business has grown rapidly (about as rapidly as my belly in the last 9 months!) and the challenges and the changes in the business have been exciting and at times quite unbelievable, we simply couldn’t have imagined where our business would take us over the last year!  We are now stocked in 12 different countries and the support we have received for our products and brand from all around the world has been astonishing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our lovely Heavenly customers for your support and for taking this journey with us!  It’s now as I get a little time to myself that I have time to reflect on the truly wonderful journey which we are on to provide healthy nutritious snacks for babies and toddlers around the world and at the same time provide peace of mind for parents who know the food they are giving their children is natural and contains the best organic ingredients available. 

So as I check out for a little bit, just a few days because as I said I can always check my emails from the labour ward and with my new sling which will give me two free hands once the our new little bundle arrives, I would like to thank you all for your support so far and i look forward to sharing some new and exciting news with you all very soon, both baby and business!  In the meantime I thought I would share with you some of my essentials that I have packed in my hospital bag, as I have packed and repacked this bag so many times, I am hoping these items might be a little help to some mummies-to-be reading this in the near future!