Bye, Bye Maternity Leave

Posted by Kristin on March 1, 2017


If you are a working mum, and you have been able to enjoy Maternity leave after the birth of your little one then you will know the feeling you get when its time for you to return to work….. Maternity leave is that wonderful bit of time out from work, for you to spend with your new little bundle of joy.  Time for you to bond and get to know each other.  Time to get used to the sleepless nights and new routines, time to allow your body to heal and regain its strength after birth however easy or difficult it may have been for you.  Time to catch up with friends, and share your stories about your birth experiences.

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Maternity Leave……What exactly is that again???  This time around, following the birth of my 4th child Lily, I haven’t been afforded the luxury of taking time out from work for the first year of Lily’s life.  Running my own small business meant that I didn’t exactly get to leave work behind for the first 9 months or year following her birth.  I was back to work when she was just over a week old……..and it’s not what I wanted to be doing believe me!!!  I would have much rather been taking it easy at home, allowing my body the time it so badly needed to rest and heal.  Unfortunately running my own business meant that I had to go back, and my ‘maternity leave’ has been peppered with days in and out of the office over the past year as I combined work and mum-life. 


In a way I feel I have been very lucky that I have been able to take some time out and combine it with days in the office, although, I have been very much still working from home and contactable at all times by the office if anything is needed.  Switching off completely from work is not an option I have at the moment and I’m happy to accept that it is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur.


Lily is going to be a year old now in March and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.  This time last year I was walking around with my ‘massive’ bump praying that my little baby would be born soon.  And here we are!  A year down the line and I’m talking about coming back to work after maternity leave….even though I never really left!  James, my hubby and our Operations Director has been the Captain of the Heavenly ship for the past year and he has done a fantastic job. 

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Those formative years with your children are so precious and it is time that you will never get back.  Whether you are happy to go back to work early and have a short maternity leave, or if you are wanting to take as much time off as possible, just make sure that you are taking the time needed for you and your little one.  I honestly do not know where the past year has gone as it has just disappeared…..probably more to do with the fact that our house is such a busy one now with 4 kids……there is never a quiet moment!


One of the things I’ve loved about being off on maternity leave is being able to leave Elsa to and collect her from Playgroup – Lily loves getting in to collect her and it also means that we have time to do some baking together – we LOVE baking in our house – it’s the best way to spend time with the kids I feel, as we get stuck in and chat away with no distractions from ipads or tv’s and then the best bit of course is they love to eat what they’ve made!

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When my older two were babies I was a stay at home mum and I will always be grateful that I was able to do that, as tough as it was at times, as I was able to be there for all their ‘firsts’.  Now I have seen both sides of the coin, one as a stay at home mum, and one as a working mum and neither one is easy to manage!  The good old mum guilt takes over on plenty of occasions!  I take my hat off to all mums who are winging it on a daily basis trying to strike some kind of balance between work and life!  The working mums, the stay at home mums, the single mums, the running a business mums.  There is no easy option when it comes to work and parenting and yes the guilt takes over at times like this when we are returning to work……so I think we should all give each other a big high five and agree that we are all doing a good job………


If any of you are returning to work after maternity leave and you have any handy tips and hints for managing daily life with work and kids, then please do let us know and we can share them with all our mum followers!!  I could do with a few myself!