Baby Led Vs Traditional Weaning

Posted by Kristin on February 15, 2017

Weaning, no matter how many times you have been through the adventure, it is never the same twice!  As many of you will know I am now on my fourth experience of weaning and although this time around has been quite different to my other 3 experiences it has been really enjoyable. 


The weaning process has changed somewhat since i had my first child, over 12 years ago.  Back when i was weaning my first, baby led weaning wasn’t as popular as it is today and the ‘traditional’ weaning process of cooking and pureeing and spoon feeding your baby, which has been carried from generation to generation, was very much the done thing.  I was advised to start weaning my baby any time from 12 weeks old.  Nowadays this would be totally unheard of in terms of advice!  


There also wasn’t as much variety and as many wonderful flavours available as there is today and the choice on the baby food aisle was limited (hence Heavenly being created and launched).  Back then i tended to blend and mash everything; roll on 12 years and as little lily is in the midst of her weaning adventure it’s a whole other ball game. 


Little miss lily is a very independent little lady and therefore unintentionally we have found ourselves with a combination of both traditional and baby led weaning.  A mix i am finding is working so well for us as a family and Lily is really enjoying it.  After a rocky little start due to lots of teeth coming through one after the other, she is now a great little eater and just loves feeding herself! 


Having researched baby led weaning a lot due to my business and the development of our range of products which encourages self-feeding, Baby-Led is a weaning method which really suits Lily and one which she is very keen to do! She loves to be able to control what she eats and loves it when she has a selection of food on her table that she can pick up and munch on.  


Last week she discovered the spoon which is another big development!  Albeit a little messy!

From an early age she has happily munched on our yummy wafer wisps and devoured avocado and banana as i prepared dinner for the rest of the family.


I often get asked which method of weaning i use and prefer and the truth is both. The traditional method of blending and mashing, and baby led have both worked for us and i would recommend combining that mixture.  Each child is so different that really you are guided by the child and what their needs and capabilities are.  My key advice would be to try lots of textures and flavours and give lots of encouragement as they start this little adventure, one of many they will go on in the coming years!