Heavenly certified Sugarwise

Posted by Kristin on January 16, 2017

Health is at the centre of everything we do at Heavenly and we are delighted to now officially be the first baby and toddler snacking company certified with the Sugarwise accreditation! 


We have have worked tirelessly to develop a range of healthy low sugar snacks which were found to meet the strict standards of the Sugarwise certification regarding quality and free sugar content, following in-depth analysis by Cambridge University and Caltech scientists.


From 2017 all Heavenly baby & toddler snacks including the Award Winning Coconut Squishies, Yummy Wafer Wisps and Crispy Veggie Waffles will bear the Sugarwise logo in ensuring consumers can easily identify the brand as a reputable, lower sugar option. 


Shauna McCarney Blair, Managing Director at Heavenly said: “Sugarwise and Heavenly are working to the same purpose – increasing the availability of lower sugar products and making sure they’re easy to identify to parents both in the UK and worldwide.


“With the alarming statistics recently released by the public health agency on the sugar content in both baby and toddler foods, not to mention the sugar-related health issues becoming more prevalent in children, such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes, it is time for companies like ourselves to take action and make healthier, low sugar foods more assessable for parents and their families.


Organisations like Sugarwise are vital in raising awareness of the need for increased lower sugar food and drink options and we hope that by having the Sugarwise logo on our packaging it will make it easier for parents to choose the healthier option.  With More than one in five children overweight or obese when they start primary school, rising to more than a third when they leave now is the time for parents to take action to and stop the epidemic before it’s too late.  


In the last year, the Heavenly team have worked with tirelessly to educate both parents and child care providers on the importance of low sugar snacking providing our healthy low sugar snacks free of charge through out ‘Healthy With Heavenly’ campaign to organisations across the UK and Ireland and we have noticed a distinct change in consumers attitudes towards sugar with many become increasingly conscious of their sugar consumption.”


Rend Platings, founder of Sugarwise, commented: “The Sugarwise label clearly demonstrates to consumers that the product has been stringently tested and is low in free sugars. It’s great to see businesses like Heavenly leading the way in the development of lower sugar products. ”


Vinicius Ferreira, Chief Scientist at Sugarwise, added: “Free sugars are the real culprit in our diabetes and obesity epidemic, as they are the ones that are associated with, simultaneously: decreased insulin sensitivity, nutritional deficiency, and over consumption. Many baby and toddler foods, often healthy sounding ones, contain too many free sugars to allow an individual to have a healthy diet complying with WHO guidelines if they are too high in free sugars.


“After testing Heavenly Baby and Toddler free sugar levels, we can confirm they have earned their place in a Sugarwise diet. Ultimately, we hope that other baby and toddler food brands will follow the example that Heavenly is setting, increasing the number of healthy, low sugar baby and toddler food choices for consumers."


Heavenly has spent significant time researching and developing it’s range of Baby and Toddler snacks to give parents more choice and quality in the area of lower sugar, healthy snacks.